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HYSP polls has been going for four weeks now. In this time we have reached more than 30,000 people via our Facebook page. The website has had more than 1400 users and 7500 user engagements.

The most popular poll was the one about the return of plastic bags. This reached 7900 people with more than 2100 views.

Todays poll has reached 753 views with 131 engagements. But only 44 votes in the poll.

My question today is why, with so many viewing these polls questions, are they not voting to have their say?

  • Question of

    Do you visit, read the question and not vote?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Why do you not vote?

    • Question not relevant
    • Just viewing and not interested in voting
    • Do not like the poll questions
    • None of your business

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